Renelo (Rey) our very patient dive guide....

We had some days with green water.

Dona Marilyn (wreck).

Stretching Nudibranch

Maria Livbjerg (my wife).

June 2011. My wife, Maria Livbjerg wrote an article about our trip to Malapascus. Accompanied with my images we got a 6 page article in the Danish/Swedish dive magazine DYK. Cover shot: Jesper Kjøller

Two great weeks on the little island Malapascua in the Philippines. 25/12/09 - 08/01/10. See the article in the scandinavian dive magazine DYK 

Camera used: Nikon D200 in Sea&Sea housing. Flash: two Sea&Sea YS110. Lenses: Nikon 12-24mm, Tokina 10-17mm FE and Nikon VR 105mm Macro.