Captain Crab & the Starfish

Photo: Maria Livbjerg

Photo: Maria Livbjerg

Photo: Maria Livbjerg

January 2015. I got a 7 page article in the Norwegian dive magazine DYKKING. Cover shot: Lill Haugen

November 2014. I accompanied Johanna Strømgrens article about Kapatain Crab & the Seastars with my under water images from the same trip, in the Swedish dive magazine Sport Dykaren. Cover shot: Torbjørn Gylleus

June 2015. I got a 4 page article in the Danish dive magazine Sportsdykkeren. Cover shot: Peter Ljungberg

In July 2014 I went to Gulen, Norway, with my family to participate in a new concept where parents can go diving together while their children are taken care of by professionel kindergarden teachers who play with and gives the children a lot of fun experinces, such as teaching them about lift in the ocean, and how much we must take care of it! It was a giant succes, my daughter, wife (Maria Livbjerg) and I could not have had a better summer holiday together!

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Equipment used: Nikon D300/Sea&Sea housing. Flash guns: Twin YS110a. Lenses: Tokina 10-17mm, Nikon 60mm macro, Nikon 105mm macro