Yellow line arrow crab/Pilekrabbe.

Underwater jacuzzi.

Los Atuneros.

Blue Hole

With eyes the size of the sand grains it's crawling on. 105mm macro & 1,4 Kenko Teleconverter & +10 SubSee dioptre.

Eye of an octopus.

Angle shark

Discover Scuba diving in front of the dive center (the round building)

August 2011. I got a 7 page article in the Danish/Swedish dive magazine DYK. Cover shot: David Rhea

July 2012. I got a 5 page article in the Norwegian dive magazine DYKKING. Cover shot: Wilke Reints

In May 2011 I visited Club La Santa in Lanzarote to make an article about the diving around Lanzarote. Club La Santa is one of the worlds leading sports complexes. The article is in the August issue of the Scandinavian dive magazine DYK

Camera used: Nikon D300 in Sea&Sea housing.

Lenses used: Nikon 12-24mm, Nikon 105mm macro, Tokina 10-17mm FE, Kenko 1,4 teleconverter and +10 SubSee Dioptre. 

Flashguns used: 2x YS110a